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Why is marketing still a good major?

by Ellen Georgiou 30th January 2019

There has never been a better time to be a marketing major. Marketing jobs are growing 10% faster than the national average and market research analysts are now seeing a 20% increase in employment. Digital marketing (the darling of the marketing world right now) is projected to see a massive 25% increase in employment.   

Marketing has always been a good degree because of its versatility and diversity in the world of business. Digital marketing, however, is seeing amazing growth and there is a huge spree to hire digital marketing professionals.

Colleges and universities have long taken notice and are expanding their courses to include social media studies, website creation and optimization, marketing analytics, digital PR, and teaching strategies to effectively utilize digital marketing in a fast-moving online world. Digital marketing is no longer a specialized field of marketing; today it’s the reality of marketing.

If you are still asking if marketing is a good major, you may want to consider the following:  

You can combine courses

A marketing degree does not have to be solely based on one subject.  Many colleges and universities offer double majors and minors. This allows you to expand your marketing skills in an area you have a special interest in.

You could take up Psychology which is relevant to marketing for example. It could provide you with powerful insight into why consumers act the way they do, or it could be fashion merchandising if you are interested in the world of fashion. Moreover, a marketing major covers the gamut of business, social sciences, humanities, communication, and technology.  You must decide on your career path and tailor your courses to help you achieve that goal.

The job market is booming

Marketing offers a hot job market for graduates who can think strategically, create relevancy and deliver measurable results. Those with digital marketing skills are in huge demand and not just in the United States.  The demand is growing globally and there are great opportunities for international careers.

There is always a huge need for savvy marketers who can position organizations to understand, leverage and capitalize on all the powerful things digital has to offer. Companies, agencies, internet marketers and ecommerce retailers need well-prepared college graduates who can help them build community, draw traffic and influence the public.


Marketing is a diverse field to work in and you can work in almost any industry that interests you. Every product and every service needs marketing; from technology and travel to healthcare and fashion.

If you have an analytical brain and love research and data, you will enjoy working in market research and analysis.  If you love working with people you will enjoy sales, networking, and managing clients and accounts. If you are the creative type, then you will enjoy the marketing strategy side as a designer or copywriter.


This ties into diversity because people with marketing qualifications can use their skills in a variety of contexts. You don’t have to work in the for-profit area for example.

If you really want to work in non-profit, there isn’t a non-profit in the world that doesn’t need well-thought-out, well-implemented, and well-managed marketing strategies.

Great entry-level jobs

Marketing majors are finding they can easily find entry-level jobs on graduation because of the versatility of the marketing degree.  Entry-level marketing roles can include:

  • marketing manager
  • social media marketer
  • public relations manager
  • product manager
  • advertising associate
  • market research analyst

Digital marketing skills are a lot more lucrative and there are many entry-level jobs available to you.  They include:

  • digital media manager
  • digital optimization manager
  • manager of web analytics
  • new media manager
  • eCommerce manager
  • social media coordinator

You will always be in demand

There are other majors that lead to careers in marketing including advertising, journalism and English. But marketing majors are better prepared for careers in business intelligence, analytics and management.

Your marketing courses have included both quantitative and qualitative work which will help you analyze markets, segment customers, write marketing plans, develop budgets, and analyze data.

The marketing role in a business will always be a vital component and will always be in demand. It is the method by which a company’s message or product is transmitted to potential customers and is, therefore, imperative to the business machine.  As long as economies exists, and as long as businesses within those economies exist, marketing is always going to be in demand.

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