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10 Reasons to Earn Your MBA Online

by Ellen Georgiou 29th January 2019

An increasing number of people are deciding on online MBA programs because they don’t want to leave their jobs. They want to continue to grow in the workplace, but recognize the MBA is the quickest way to advance in their profession.  The quality of students in these programs is, therefore, high as is the demand for the online MBA. Here are 10 reasons these programs are here to stay and why they are viable options to on-campus programs:

1. Flexibility

If you’re considering an online MBA, chances are you want to balance your current work situation with furthering your career with an advanced degree.  No MBA program will give you the flexibility of online study however complex your schedule is. You can choose an MBA program that includes appointed class times or one that allows you to work at your own pace.  You can also select a course that is exclusively online or one that offers a short campus-based residency or a field study residency. More importantly, you study when it suits you.

2. Affordability

Many online MBA programs cost less than in-person business schools and most state universities in the USA allow you to complete online coursework at or near the in-state tuition. This is especially attractive to overseas students who can avoid steep out-of-state tuition rates.  Speaking broadly, it’s possible to find accredited online MBA programs for under $10,000 a year, just as it’s possible to spend upwards of $50,000 a year. It’s also possible to adjust how many credits you take per semester or how long it takes you to complete the program, based on how much you can afford to pay over time.  It goes without saying, of course, that continuing to work while in school is an undeniable financial advantage.

3. Time

By taking your MBA online, you can complete your degree sooner than a traditional MBA student. An online MBA can take a year to complete – depending, of course, on your availability and commitment – whereas a traditional MBA takes at least two years. This means you can get your MBA in less time than a traditional college student.

4.  Best of Both Worlds

Studying for an MBA online can help you boost your career while maintaining a work-life balance. You don’t have to quit a job you already have to get your MBA. An online option provides maximum flexibility whether you have a family to take care of or a career you want to keep.

5. Get Your MBA From a Top-Ranked School

Studying for your MBA online provides access to the best MBA programs in the world.  Online delivery means you get an MBA from a renowned, accredited institution that you would not otherwise be able to attain. Top business schools make their online program much like their on-campus program with the same courses and the same faculty.  

6. Broaden your international network

When studying for an MBA online, you will be exchanging ideas with a community of high-performing professionals from around the world actively engaged in international business. It’s a global network you would not otherwise have access to whether it’s someone managing an oil-drilling company in Canada, exports in Ireland or a shipping company in Greece.  

7. Access to Newest Technologies

Online MBA programs are at the cutting edge of business technology with advanced eLearning portals and tools for real time meetings, presentations and feedback.  Online platforms like ANGEL and Adobe are making online learning more compelling and interactive than ever, and online MBA programs usually offer comprehensive tech support.

8. International Opportunities

As online MBA programs increase, many are attracting overseas students by offering international business immersion opportunities.   Some have even established satellite universities overseas if this is something that interests you. It gives you the chance to connect with other students and faculty in an immersive setting.

9. No Relocation

An online MBA means that you don’t have to move to attend your ideal college.  You work from your own home without the disruption of moving to another country.  You also have the freedom to take coursework with you if you do have to move or travel for work.

10.  Did We Say Time?

We did.  But time is of the essence here.  It’s your time.  An online MBA means you schedule your education around your life and career and not the other way around.  It also means you can accelerate your coursework when you can and slow things down when life gets a little hectic.  

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