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The Best Jobs for MBA Graduates in 2019

by Ellen Georgiou 30th January 2019

There continues to be great news for MBA graduates as there are steady growths in MBA recruitment and salary levels.  The world of finance and consulting used to draw MBA graduates in droves, but today’s MBA is in demand in diverse fields and the outlook is bright for MBAs in every region and every industry. Moreover, the MBA graduate is spoilt for career choice as finance, consulting and tech companies compete for top talent.

Data from surveys and industry experts point to the following as the best jobs for MBA graduates in 2019:

1. Technology

There is no doubt technology is the fastest-growing job sector for MBAs and it’s not all about the big tech firms.  Jobs are being created in companies not traditionally “tech” such as ecommerce, artificial intelligence and data analytics.

Amazon alone hired 1,000 MBA graduates last year and is not slowing down with two new headquarters to fill in New York City and Northern Virginia.  Microsoft is currently hiring 400 MBA grads and other technology firms are continuing to tap into business school talent.

2. General Management

General Management continues to be the career choice for many MBA graduates but in an ever-expanding job market where graduates are firmly placed to provide the direction a company requires to stay competitive.

Every company wants to maximize profits, increase efficiency, control costs, and increase worker productivity and the MBA graduate is the perfect fit for the job. Management, strategy and development remain key roles for the MBA grad from mega companies like Walmart to maturing companies like Uber.

3. Consultancy

Consulting remains the leading career choice among MBA grads with consulting firms continuing to recruit in large numbers. The consulting business is often considered the darling of the MBA as you can set your hours and rates.

As a management consultant, you will advise organizations on their management practices and identify problems that may be holding them back from reaching their goals and potential.

Many management consultants are self-employed, while others work for large firms. This is ideal for many MBAs: a flexible career path with high earning potential.

4. Investment Management

Although an investment management position is out of reach for many new MBA graduates, if you are getting an MBA for the biggest possible paycheck, this is the best job for you.

The average starting MBA salary is $150,000 and a $300,000 salary after a few years on the job is not unattainable.

5. Financial Analysts

As the US continues to experience a growing economy, investment portfolios have become more complex and emerging markets are providing new investment opportunities.

Financial analysts, therefore, are in increasing demand to plan, direct and coordinate many types of investments.  Financial advisors are also in increasing demand. They cater to individuals rather than businesses and play a key role in helping individuals manage and build on their wealth.

6. Information Systems

MBAs are seeing a huge job demand in Information Systems.  This is a time of great change in corporate IT structure and there is a growing need for MBAs who have the leadership and skills to help companies scale up

IT operations in the global economy, particularly in the area of cybersecurity and cybercrime. Information systems managers with these skills will be in enormous demand.

7. Project Management

MBA graduates who do not mind being outsourced abroad or traveling across the country will enjoy working in project management. Project managers with MBAs are most needed in the computer software, pharmaceuticals, finance, and IT industries.

8. Marketing

The demand for MBAs in the marketing sector continues to increase as companies face greater competition than ever. The increase in the speed and efficiency of technology provides massive amounts of data regarding market research.

The ability to mine and interpret this data allows companies to better understand the products and services that companies need to stay competitive.

9. Healthcare

As the demand for healthcare services continues to increase, the healthcare industry is emerging as one of the fastest growing job markets with some of the highest salaries.  An aging population with a longer lifespan and better healthcare technology is leading to an explosive growth in healthcare services and new opportunities for MBA grads whose skills are needed to manage these new and growing facilities.

10. The Best Job is The One You Want

An MBA is not only valuable, it’s extremely versatile. In today’s expanding markets you are not confined to consultancy or finance but can focus on an area that holds a special interest whether it’s the environment, sports, fashion, healthcare, or entertainment.  

The MBA continues to open new doors, more importantly the doors you want open, and position you on the fast track to success.

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