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Ten Top Jobs You Can Get with A Law Degree

by Laura Pennington 13th March 2019

Did you know that becoming a licensed and practicing lawyer is not the only option available to you as someone who has recently received their juris doctorate?

If you are in the United States and are planning to graduate soon from law school, consider these 10 top jobs that might be an option for you out off the beaten path. Using the skills and experience you gained in law school, you can launch into a new career you love while still getting the benefit of your time earning your law degree.

Even if you’re not working as a practicing attorney, it’s important to note that your job prospects are solid after law school. In fact, research shows that up to 86 percent of law school grads are employed within 9 months after their graduation.

Many people do choose jobs outside of practicing the law because of the traditional downsides associated with working in a law firm or in private practice. Thankfully, becoming an attorney does not limit you in terms of career options. In fact, it opens many more doors for you so that you can pursue something you’re really passionate about.

  1. A Legislative Analyst

If you have an interest in public policy, a legislative analyst could be your top choice for a position. Whatever you have a passion in, there is likely an organization out there advocating for change and having a juris doctorate will make you more competitive for these positions working in women’s rights, environmental justice, immigration or other issues.

There are also plenty of employment opportunities in the public sector for a legislative analyst.

  • Non-Profit Executive Director

Running a non-profit organization requires vast knowledge about the law. You must be familiar with taxexemptions, labor and employment laws, and federal laws associated with non-profit status. You will also need to understand the fiduciary duties owedby a board of directors.

If enjoyed learning about regulations and wish to put this into practice, consider becoming a non-profit manager.

  • Conflict Resolution Specialist

If you still want to work in an area of the law, but without the traditional requirements or lifestyle associated with being a apracticing attorney, serving as an arbitration specialist or mediator gives you the opportunity to explore options off the beaten path. This can be an excellent choice for you if you have a passion for helping people to resolve issues.

  • Working with A Development Agency

Do you enjoy watching the work that is completed by non-governmental organizations? Find something that focuses on your passion andbe familiar with international law. Many of these organizations work incountries where knowledge of the law is essential to carrying out their mandateand your ability to provide insight and strategic steps can go a long way.

  • Government Relations and Politics

Many different politicians have a law degree so it’s probably one of the most popular methods to pursue as a career option after getting out of law school. Politics and law often remain entangled, but workingin governmental relations, lobbying and similar places can still help youfulfill your desire and address your primary passions.

  • Therapist

If you wish to pursue the professional career path by becoming a therapist, you will probably have to go back to school and get an additional degree or even a certification.

However, all of the skills that you picked up in law school will probably translate over to help you as a therapist since you will have been advised to listen to your clients and to remain analytical. Some therapists even choose to help burned out attorneys figure out a more effective way of managing their life.

  • Foreign Service Officer

Are you passionate about international relations? The US State Department offers careers as a foreign service officer. You do not need to have a law degree to become employed as a foreign service officer, but familiarity with and passion in international law can definitely increase your chances of being able to pursue this option.

  • Finance and Banking Opportunities

There are many different fields where a law degree could help you, including small business, taxes, and estates. Having a law degree may assist you with getting your foot in the door in the banking and finance industry since working in finance does require some legal knowledge.

  • Academia and Teaching
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Legal professionals might not want to practice the law directly but might be passionate about doing research on ways to update or improve the law or could be interested in teaching it directly. Academia could be another option particularly if you got a combined JD degree with another topic or had aprevious graduate degree prior to entering law school.

You can even pursue teaching opportunities at a secondary level with a law degree if this appeals to you.

  1. Public Interest Advocate

Do you feel strongly about a particular issue in your life or the world and want to do as much as you can to influence policy decisions?

Public interest advocacy might be right up your alley. Public interest advocacy allows you to take a stand for issues that you careabout and to pursue opportunities while making a difference in the world. Sincethere are so many great causes out you, you can choose something that fits yourpersonal style and values.

Final Thoughts: Career Choices for JDs

If you are looking for something bigger and better to do with your legal degree, these are some of the top options, but there are many other opportunities to put your legal education to work.

To consider your options, begin by analyzing your personal interests and individual goals. This will help you determine a plan forward for your future, whether you’re preparing to graduate from law school soon or if you’re thinking about applying to and enrolling in law school sometime soon.

Need more advice about going to law school in the U.S.? Curious about how law school works and how you can make it work for you and your individual goals? Stay tuned to our site to learn more about the process and how to set yourself up for success.

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