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UCLA: Quick Overview

Quick Stats
  • Year founded1919
  • Number of students enrolled44,947
  • Average cost (in total)In-state: $30,485
  • Average cost (in total)Out-of-state: $58,499
Application Info
  • Acceptance rate17.3%
  • SAT/ACT1240/27
  • Application dateNovember 30th

History and Mission

The University of California – Los Angeles, which is referred to simply as UCLA, is a research university that can trace its roots back to as far as 1881 even though it was not founded until 1919. In 1881 a branch of the California State Normal School, which is now San Jose State University was authorized by California State Legislature to have a southern campus. The school was founded to train teachers in order to meet the growing need for the rapidly growing population of southern California. In 1882 the Los Angeles branch of the California State Normal School opened and would change its name to Los Angeles State Normal School when it became independent in 1887.

The university moved to a near area in Los Angeles in 1914 and in 1917 UC Regent Edward Augustus was instrumental in his lobbying to the California State Legislature to create a 2nd University of California campus with the University of California –Berkeley being the first. There are some opposition to the new southern campus, but in 1919 William D. Stephens, who was the Governor of California signed a bill into law, which brought about UCLA being transformed from the former Los Angeles Normal School. UCLA first opened their door to students in 1919 and at that time where were already 1,250 students enrolled at the Techer’s College.

In the middle of the 1920’s UCLA was growing too large for its 25-acre location and the region selected was Westwood, which is just went of Beverly Hill and why is was first called the “Beverly Site.” The nickname of the school is the Bruins, which was offered by UC Berkeley and made sense since they are the Golden Bears and the first UC university while UCLA is the 2nd, hence bruins, which is a young bear. UCLA first offered classes in the Westwood campus in 1929.

The mission of UCLA as a  research university is creating, analyzing, preserving, taking apart, and applying knowledge learned for the better overall good of humanity as a whole. In order to fulfill these goals UCLA is fully committed to scholarly freedom. They greatly value fully accessible information, the respectful debate of differing points of view, and total tolerance in all academic matters. The university stands out for both excellence and diversity and by knowing that it can bring people and ideas together in order to bring about real change.

Areas of Study

At UCLA, there is the North Campus and South Campus where there are in excess of 150 different departments and programs. It is a research college that is on the semester system and there are 40 graduate and professional programs. The university offers students the opportunities to earn bachelor’s and master’s degrees as well as doctoral degrees and other certificates.

The Undergraduate Divisions at UCLA are:

  • College of Letters and Science
  • Social Sciences Division
  • Humanities Division
  • Physical Sciences Division
  • Life Sciences Division
  • School of the Arts and Architecture
  • Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science (HSSEAS)
  • Herb Alpert School of Music
  • School of Theater, Film and Television
  • School of Nursing

The Graduate Divisions at UCLA are:

  • Graduate School of Education & Information Studies (GSEIS)
  • School of Law
  • Anderson School of Management
  • Luskin School of Public Affairs
  • David Geffen School of Medicine
  • School of Dentistry
  • Jonathan and Karin Fielding School of Public Health
  • Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior
  • School of Nursing

The professional schools of healthy science at UCLA are the David Geffen School of Medicine, School of Nursing, School of Dentistry and Fielding School of Public Health. The graduate schools at the university are some of the top ones in the nation and have a great academic reputation.

UCLA School of Law

Since UCLA’s law school has been in the top 20 of law schools in the United States every year by U.S. News & World Report since they began the ranking in 2009. It was established in 1949 and being in L.A., it is no surprise that the school is THE premier law school in the nation in terms of entertainment law.

David Geffen School of Medicine

The UCLA medical school also has a sterling reputation and they run the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center as well as 12 other medical clinics in the greater L.A. area. Harbor-UCLA Medical Center and Olive View-UCLA Medical Center are two public teaching hospitals and the biggest private hospital on the west coast in the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center is also a teaching hospital.

Anderson School of Management

Anderson is the graduate business school for UCLA was it was established in 1935 and offers MBA, Financial Engineering, and Ph.D. degrees. The school offers many programs and in terms of national and international rankings Anderson School of Management has almost always been in the top tier of business schools.

Online Program

UCLA has a very extensive online learning program with many courses in over 100 areas of study. There are various courses, certificates, and specializations available at the university online and through their UCLA Extension it offers students to get the best that UCLA has to offer online. The UCLA Global Online there are custom programs and corporate education opportunities available. All of the teachers in the online arena are expert instructors that bring to the virtual classroom a wealth of real-world experience.

How do I apply to the University of California – Los Angeles

The application process for UCLA is rather easy and can be done online. There are several different processes for applications to the school depending on the student applying as well as what program that student is applying to get into. For example, the application process is different for incoming freshmen than applying to the law school. Also, the application process will also differ for international students, transfers, graduate students, students that were home schooled. For incoming freshmen to the UCLA undergrad program, they will need:

  • High school transcript
  • Test scores for SAT or ACT
  • Annual Income – You have to submit your parents’ annual income for the previous year as a dependent and the if the prospective student is not a dependent they will have to submit their income from the previous year.
  • Social Security Number
  • Citizenship status
  • California Statewide Student ID – This is optional, but a good thing to put in the application if the student is from California. The state of California assigns a student ID number to e very student in the state’s public-school system.

IUCLA does not require students to put in their application letters of recommendation from teachers or counselors. However, they may ask for them at a later date as part of the supplemental review. The application fee is $105 for U.S. residents and permanent residents and the fee is $125 for every other prospective student.

Acceptance rate

The acceptance rate for the University of California – Los Angeles is 17.3%, which is in the mid-range of universities, but rather high considering the high academic standing of the school. The acceptance rates will be different when applying to one of the graduate schools at the university.

Student life at University of University of California – Los Angeles

UCLA student life is happening and vibrant with such a large university with over 800 student organizations. There are many cultural organizations on campus such as the Japanese Student Association and Association of Chinese Americans, no lack of campus events all year, and many university traditions. Just a couple of the UCLA traditions include the True Bruin Welcome, which welcomes new students, and the Bruin Bash, which is a gathering for a concert and dance as well as a pre-release of a movie. Most of the undergrad students at the college live in one of the 14 housing complexes, which are located on the west side of the campus. There are many dining halls and cafes all around the campus and there are in excess of 60 national and local Greek-letter organizations.

UCLA athletics has a very long and rich history and they are in Division 1 and play in the Pac 12 conference. There are 25 varsity sports in all with 11 for men and 14 for women and the school only trails Stanford for the most NCAA National Championships of all time. The men’s basketball team has won the most NCAA titles of all time (11) with 10 coming under legendary head coach John Wooden. They have also dominated men’s volleyball with 19 national titles. UCLA is one of only six colleges in the United States that have won national titles in the three major men’s sports of football, basketball, and baseball with the five being Michigan, Stanford, Ohio State, California, and Florida. There are also many club sports at UCLA and tons of intramural teams in hundreds of leagues across campus. The university is well known for having some of the best, as well as most, athletics facilities on their campus.

While UCLA is not a party school per se, there are many of them all around campus and no lack of other things to do being in Westwood and Los Angeles. There are frat parties, dorm parties, and parties thrown by organizations on campus and there are also tons of gatherings with the many different types of groups on the diverse campus. Being in Westwood there are many things to do such as theaters, museums, cafes, clubs, bars, pubs, and restaurants and with L.A, being the entertainment capital of the world UCLA students have a ton of entertaining options when not hitting the books.

University of California – Los Angeles Campus

The University of California – Los Angeles campus is comprised of 163 buildings on 419 acres in Westwood, which is in west L.A. There is the North Campus and South Campus with a distinctly different architectural style in each. The programs for the arts, humanities, social sciences, law, and business are located on the North Campus and the physical sciences, life sciences, engineering, mathematical sciences, and medical field programs are located on the South Campus., Set in an urban setting it is easy to get around whether it be on foot or bike and there are also may public transportation options as well that go through and are around the campus.

Costs of Studying at the University of California – Los Angeles

The Cost of studying at UCLA is on the high side for a public institution and being that the difference in tuition between in-state students and out-of-state are significant. The costs of studying differ when it comes to the 14 graduate schools. While not inexpensive to attend UCLA, graduates can earn a substantial living and this is the case right after graduation. This is even more so for those who have a graduate degree or doctorate. Here is a breakdown of the cost to study at UCLA for one year for undergraduate studies.

  • Tuition and Fees $13,584
  • Room and Board $15,543
  • Books and Supplies $1,173
  • Other Expenses $4,200

There is an investment plan for paying fees at UCLA and there is also an abundance of financial aid available.


UCLA is located in Westwood, California in west Los Angeles. Located there is Westwood Village, which has many shopping and dining facilities, as well as historic motion picture theaters, Hammer Museum, and Geffen Playhouse. Being in L.A. the area is not immune to crime, but it is not as prominent as in other areas with all the college students and many police patrolling the area. One of the nicer things about UCLA is that is only a few short miles away from the beach.

Q: How much money will I make with a University of California – Berkeley degree? A: For people that earn a bachelor’s degree from UCLA they can expect to earn around $62,000 a year. The school has a solid return on investment and the average salary for having a BS is $79,000. The average salary differs depending on the course of study and significantly increases with a master’s degree and PhD. Q: How does the accreditation process work?A: UCLA accepts transfer students to their undergraduate and graduate programs with different admission processes for each. Most students will transfer to the university undergrad program as a junior and before transferring must have competed 60 semester or 90 quarter transferable units and have a GPA of 3.2 or higher in courses that are transferable. Again, this will change for students looking into transfer to a UCLA grad school. Considering the transfer selection process is rather thorough and comprehensive the university looks at other personal criteria. Q: Which counts more for admissions to UCLA, GPA or test scores? A: The GPA of a prospective student is given more weight than test scores, but the test scores, whether SAT or ACT, are still important to the admission process. Q: What are the requirements for admission to graduate programs at UCLA?A: The transfer student looking to get into a graduate program at UCLA will have to had earned a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution as well as having a GPA of at least 3.0. Q: Can I take a tour to check out the UCLA housing options? A: Yes, there are walking tours of the housing sites on campus and in the tour one of the three room types is visited. More about the tours and the schedule of them can be seen at: https://housing.ucla.edu/my-housing/maps-and-tours/on-campus-housing-walking-tour.

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